Privacy Policy

Everyone is afraid to share their personal information. Because some fake websites or blogs are present on the internet. Those who take personal information, sell or share it with any third party. And in return they take good money. And even sometimes they use it wrongly. That’s why you have to keep your personal information safe yourself.

About Naamlist

Let me talk about my blog So this is a Hindi blog. Here I take any kind of personal information of my readers. Through this blog, I share some important information with my readers.

But to download the pdf file present on our blog, you have to give your email and mobile number. I will handle this data responsibly. I will never share this data with any third person. This is my promise.

If in future you will be asked for any other type of personal information through So can only be asked to provide good service to our readers and organize the blog. That too will depend on the interest of the readers.

I promise In future the personal information collected through this blog will not be shared with any third party or other person.

Term And condition

  • Product details :- We share a digital file ie PDF file to help our readers through this blog. Including baby names. In exchange for this file, I charge Rs 21 from the customer in the initial phase.
  • Product Delivery :- This is a digital product, it will be delivered instantly. There are no returns for this product.
  • Product Payment :- Even Rs 21 given for this file will not be refunded again. That’s why you have to buy the file considering this topic only. From this file, you can search for unique modern, special character, small, big names, special meaning names, and new names for your baby.

Note :- Let me tell you for your information. That this Privacy Policy applies only to our blog This information can be different on every website and blog. Therefore, while sharing personal information on any website, pay attention to its privacy policy.

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